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Weight Loss: Dr. Michael Mosley Shares How To Lose A Stone With Diet Tips

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Dr. Michael Mosley lost 1.4 and even reversed his diabetes by changing his diet and increasing his exercise. On his TV show Lose a stone in 21 days, he helped others get their slim bodies back.

Dr. Michael began, “Your waist should be no more than half your height.

“Too much abdominal fat increases the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.”

Dr. Michael suggested that if people don’t take steps to combat this, “it can take years off your life.”

The expert provided his best tips for losing belly fat fast.

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A key component of a rapid weight loss journey is a low-calorie, high-protein, low-sugar diet.

On the Fast 800 website, Dr. Michael and his team compiled a list of foods dieters can eat to lose weight quickly, before moving on to a Mediterranean diet, which he described as a “way of life.”

On the website, it is recommended that dieters start the day with eggs, as they are low in calories: about 63 calories in a medium-sized egg.

Weight losers should increase their protein intake, consuming foods such as oily fish, shrimp, chicken and turkey.


For non-meat eaters, beans, particularly edamame, dairy, nuts, and seeds can provide adequate protein.

Dieters should also stock up on healthy vegetables, the more colorful and varied the better.

And Dr. Michael is far from banning dieters from eating fat.

Nuts are high in fat but are also rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

Whole yogurt is also recommended, and can be enjoyed with a handful of berries.

However, to lose even one stone in three weeks, some foods must be limited or eliminated altogether.

Dr. Michael suggested banning super-sweet fruits like mango, pineapple, and cantaloupe, and opting for berries instead.

And when they crave treats like ice cream, chocolate or cake, the expert recommended that dieters enjoy a square of dark chocolate instead.

Snacks should be avoided in general, but if a slimmer person must snack between meals, they should opt for things like nuts, seeds, a slice of cheese, or non-starchy vegetables.

In Lose a stone in 21 days, some of Dr. Michael’s case studies lost weight by trying low-carb versions of their favorite foods, including grab-and-go meals.

While there are steps to take, rapid weight loss isn’t always easy.

One of Dr. Michael’s most important tips is to be responsible.

“All weight loss studies show that people who maintain it are responsible to someone or something.”

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