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Weeds: ‘effective’ way to remove garden weeds at ‘zero cost’, and it takes five minutes

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Hours of yard work can quickly be destroyed by weeds that can take over outdoor spaces very quickly. Weeds can grow anywhere there is room, including on lawns and patios. An expert has shared the best tips on how to get rid of weeds and how gardeners can prevent them from coming back.

William Mitchell, resident gardener at Sutton Manor Nursery, said: “A brilliant and inexpensive way to get rid of weeds is to use mulch.

“Mulch is a mixture of shredded leaves, brown cardboard, straw or wood chips and is used to cover the ground around plants.”

The expert said that the mulch will block the weeds from the sunlight that helps them germinate and grow.

Mulch is relatively inexpensive to purchase, but homemade options can also be used.

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The expert said: “Watering weeds is a very easy mistake to make while watering the other plants in your garden.

“Watering weeds can be detrimental to your garden as they compete with surrounding plants for water, sunlight and important nutrients in the soil.

“If they’re not welcome in that area, don’t water them.”

This is also why it is important to identify where weeds are found in the garden to help prevent them from becoming a bigger problem.

Common weeds found in the UK include dandelions, crabgrass, pigweed and purslane.

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