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This Cheap Laundry Product Easily Removes Stains From Clothes

by YAR

You can also make your own inexpensive and highly effective laundry detergent by combining a bar of grated Fels-Naptha, which smells like clean clothes, with borax and baking soda. One user stated that this concoction costs him a fraction of the cost of regular gallon detergents and lasts much longer. Plus, it’s a more sustainable approach to laundry as there’s no plastic packaging.

You can try the anti-tarnish magic of Fels-Naptha bullion for less than $3 each, but if you’re not entirely convinced, read on to see what other people have to say about this little gold bar.

Promising reviews

“I was very skeptical. I live in Georgia and nothing, I mean nothing, has worked to remove red Georgia clay from clothes so far! I have no idea how I’ve never heard of this magic bar before, but it works! I never thought I’d be able to clean his baseball pants and get the dirt out, but it worked like a dream! My son spilled salad dressing on the front of his new polo shirt and it was covered in oil stains. I pre-treated it with the bar and then washed it as usual. VIOLA! No more oil stains!! Is incredible!!!” – American girl

“This works great on my sons baseball pants. I ordered this and a laundry brush that Amazon suggested at checkout. Not even a trace of the stains. ―Tracy A.

“We use it in the laundry. He got all the body oils out of pillowcases and sheets, also used on a stain that had already been washed but didn’t dry on a new shirt. He came out like new. I definitely recommend this product.” ― Wendy Brantley

“What bothers me the most are the grease stains on my clothes when I cook. I have tried many products…some work, some not so good. So far I have used this soap 4 times on kitchen grease stains and they came out with flying colors each time. I even tried using another product first in the wash and it came out still visible. Then I washed it again after rubbing it with this soap and it completely disappeared. This is the best, cheapest and easiest to use stain remover I have ever used. I’m sticking with Fels Naptha soap from now on.” ― shop assistant

“This is now my official soap that cleans just about anything in the house, sinks, bathtubs, window frames, doors, steps, stains on clothes. I use it almost everywhere now with only a few exceptions. One product, many uses. It is practical, long lasting, I cut it in half and use it in smaller sizes for different bathrooms, sinks, bathtubs. It’s not wasteful, it’s easy to store because it takes up very little space, and I no longer feel the need to buy a bunch of bulky, expensive spray cleaners for specific uses that create more plastic waste.” ― Alley Vitale

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