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The best waterproof picnic blankets

by YAR

I love everything about picnics: eating delicious sandwiches, fruit salads and fries, watching the fireflies go by as the sun begins to set, and the joyous sounds of people relaxing outdoors. But there’s one thing that can really put a literal damper on the whole thing: a soggy butt. Is there anything worse than standing up after enjoying a great park and discovering that your cute summer clothes are completely soaked after hours of sitting on a wet blanket?

Now that we know how to tackle the nuisance of mosquitoes, it’s time to eliminate the nuisance of a wet butt with the use of a waterproof or water-repellent blanket. Using a blanket with a waterproof lining is an absolute must, not only when it comes to staying nice and dry, but also to keep the blanket clean and in good condition, making your investment purchase last longer.

Blankets with waterproof linings are also great for the beach, camping, and any other unexpectedly wet activities. They’re easy to clean, come in all sorts of patterns, colors, and aesthetics, and often come with their own handles or case. Read on to pick one for yourself from retailers like Amazon, REI, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more at a wide variety of price points.

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