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Plant Warning: Planting Flowers ‘In The Wrong Place’ Could ‘Spread Disease’ In Your Garden

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Gardens across the country are bursting with color right now, as warmer temperatures encourage summer flowers to bloom. However, one expert has warned that British greenies might want to reconsider where to plant the bulbs, as this could be detrimental to the health of their garden.

How to choose the best place for your flowers

Before planting bulbs in your garden, it is essential that you research and understand the specific care requirements of your plants.

Mitchell said: “If your plant needs shade, placing it in an area of ​​your garden that is always in full sun during the summer months may not be very good for the plant’s health.

“In order for it to grow exactly as it should, then it needs to be placed in an area that receives a lot of shade and is best suited to its needs.”

The separation between flowers and plants depends on the variety and the size they are expected to grow.

According to James Kole, account manager for Level Green Landscaping, the right space for flowers “varies depending on the type of flower, the potential impact, and your patience.”

For annual flowers, the expert recommends planting them in a center planting pattern eight to 12 inches apart.

He explained: “That leaves room for the plants to spread out, and they will look better and better as the summer goes on.”

However, for perennials, the expert warns that each plant has very different space needs.

He explained: “When you space the plants, you measure from center to center of the pots.

“The proper spacing between plants depends on the type of plant.”

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