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Meghan Markle loves yoga ‘in a dark room,’ but Kate Middleton is more of an ‘outdoorsy person’

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Meghan Markle, 40, is known to prefer yoga to team sports like hockey and rugby. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, loved these sports growing up and is now the sponsor of the England rugby team. Health and fitness expert Sarah Campus, founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS, spoke to Express.co.uk about the Duchess of Sussex’s workout routine.

She said: “Meghan has been a long-time advocate of yoga, with her mother Doria Ragland, who is an instructor in Los Angeles, playing a major role in her love of the practice.

“Yoga is Meghan’s thing, she started doing me and mommy yoga with her mom when she was seven.

“As a child, she was very resilient, but her mother told her to give it time and she would eventually find her flow, which she did, and as such since college she has been practicing yoga regularly.”

What would be your specific yoga routine and what kind of impact has this had on your figure?

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Sarah noted: “Meghan’s favorite type of yoga is an intense vinyasa class, and even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room by candlelight. The best in her eyes!

“She does yoga a couple of times a week, specifically hot yoga. Meghan’s dedication to yoga is reflected in her agile physique.

“Yoga is more than a physical exercise. Yoga itself means the union between body and mind, and even spending a few minutes in the practice can help recharge the spirit and sense of self that has been reflected in Meghan.

“Yoga generates heat within your muscles, reducing your risk of injury so you can safely burn up to 600 calories per session while conditioning your entire body.”


What does Meghan’s love of yoga reveal about her personality?

The expert suggested: “Meghan’s personality is thoughtful and idealistic, she strives to support people and help them reach their potential which has been supported through yoga with its focus, concentration and flow of mind, body and spirit. soul.

“Meghan goes above and beyond for friends, family and those in need, so this personality definitely reaches into all aspects of her life.”

How is the Duchess of Cambridge’s workout routine different from Meghan’s?

Michael Brigo, personal trainer at brigopt.com, told Express.co.uk: “The Duchess of Cambridge has a slim and athletic physique.

“Most likely, this is formed by doing resistance-based gym exercises, focusing primarily on strength training with bodyweight and weights.

“Also, he likes the outdoors and has been known to enjoy running, skiing and playing tennis. I wouldn’t be surprised if he averaged 10km or more.”

Dr Charlotte Norton, Medical Director of The Slimming Clinic, also told Express.co.uk: “The Duchess of Cambridge is known to be naturally athletic and a big fan of spending time in nature and keeping fit.

“Of course, Kate’s naturally slender frame is partly down to genetics, but it’s no secret that the royal mother of three enjoys all things athletic and is said to appreciate a good workout.

“Whether it’s cross country, tennis or walking, he is known to enjoy sports.”

Has Kate always been an athlete, ever since she was a child?

Dr. Charlotte added: “I think Kate has always led a healthy and active lifestyle. From a young age, it is clear that she was an avid lover of sports such as cross country and she continues to participate in sports as time goes on.

“I really think Kate’s secret is consistency. Until now, there hasn’t been a time in history where she’s had a dramatic change in how she looks, even after pregnancy, and I think that’s because she’s consistent with diet and exercise.”

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