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How To Get Rid Of Weeds: ‘Quick And Easy’ Way To Eliminate ‘Stubborn’ Perennials From Yard

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Whether weeds are grass, chickweed, buttercup, or other persistent plants, they can quickly take over and spread along cracks in a yard, making it look scruffy. Weeds with deep roots (such as dandelions and dandelions) can be difficult to remove in flower borders, let alone in the narrow crevices of a patio. However, with some expert advice, it is possible to discover how to get rid of weeds and also prevent new ones from growing.

One of the quickest ways to freshen up a yard is to get rid of unsightly weeds.

With that in mind, gardening experts have shared some proven methods for removing weeds from patios and pavers so your outdoor seating space will be free of these pesky invaders before you know it.

Derry Watkins, owner of Special Plants garden and nursery in Wiltshire, advised pouring hot water on weeds in the yard.

He said: “Freshly boiled or hot water is a quick and easy way to get rid of weeds between the pavement of a path or patio.

“It’s great for stubborn perennial weeds like dandelions.

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Of course, extremely hot water will kill bugs, so while it’s an effective and quick way to remove weeds from pavement, it’s not wildlife friendly.

One gardening expert suggested that weeding by hand is the “best” solution.

Emma O’Neill, Head Gardener at Garden Organic, said: “The best way to get rid of yard weeds is to weed by hand.

“This is what we do at the Garden Organic demo garden in Ryton.

“There are specific tools designed for patio weeding that have a blade on the end to get between the cracks in your pavement and this has the same effect as the hoe.”

It’s worth investing in a good quality paving knife for those plagued by pernicious perennial weeds such as dandelions.

Also, it’s easier on your knees if you use a kneeler. Long-handled knives are available for those with back problems.

For shallower weeds, a wire paving brush is excellent.

Flamethrowers (also known as flame guns) are widely available tools that project fire into brush and are great for getting the job done.

Emma explained: “Using a flamethrower weed gun can sometimes be easier than weeding by hand, as it can be tricky to get between cracks in a yard to remove weed roots by hand.

“Flame throwers work by disrupting the cellular structure of a weed.

“However, they are best used on annual weeds, as perennial weeds usually come back, but if you keep harvesting them, it will weaken them.

“I have never heard of any yard damage caused by using a flamethrower.”

Once weeds are removed, gardeners can prevent them from growing back with a good aim between pavers.

Emma explained: “Making sure a patio is facing the right way is crucial to ensuring that weeds can’t find their way in.”

Polymeric sand is a good material to use as it will hold the pavers in place for a long time, as well as keep out weeds.

Those who have an existing patio in place that has loose struts or dirt between the pavers, take the time to weed the pavers, any old struts, and dirt before redoing the strut.

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