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Harvester will close drive-thru salad bars at its restaurants

by YAR

The popular family restaurant chain has said a salad option will still be available with meals, but diners will be prohibited from stacking their own plates. Instead, they will have to queue to be served by a member of staff.

Popular favorites such as bacon bits, olives and beetroot bits also appear to have been scrapped as rising costs put pressure on the viability of the former all-you-can-eat facility, Wales Online reports. .

A customer at a restaurant in Sussex said: “We’ve always loved going to Harvester as a family, but this has got us thinking again. The salad bar is one of the best parts. I don’t like having to point and order my coleslaw balls, sweet corn and thousand island sauce.

“When we complained, we were told it was a company-wide move caused by rising costs. It feels like the death of a great British institution.”

Other fans took to social media to complain, with one diner stating that they planned to boycott the chain until the facility was restored.

For nearly four decades, Harvester has claimed to provide “the country’s favorite salad bar,” telling customers to “stack up your plate and take as many trips as you like.” The changes were first noticed when dining restrictions were introduced at the start of the Covid pandemic and self-service tongs were removed.

However, Harvester insisted that it was looking for ways to improve facilities for customers.

The brand stated: “We are currently investigating how to provide our guests with the best version of the Unlimited Salad Bar in 2022 and beyond. We are looking at consumer feedback, speaking to our teams across the UK, hygiene monitoring results and salad supply as part of the process and look forward to updating Harvester salad bar fans with any changes to the upcoming weeks”.

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